Mezzan Holding is committed to the environment, which is why we implemented the ThinkGreen initiative in 2019. Our goal is to undertake initiatives that are sustainable and deliver growth by serving not only society but also the environment.

Food Companies in Kuwait
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    In our transport and distribution division, we are committed to reducing our fuel emission by limiting the number of trucks we send out daily for deliveries, increasing our volume by 36% with 15% fewer vehicles.

  • Recycling Used Oil in Manufacturing

    Kuwait Lube Oil Company, a Mezzan Holding subsidiary, is the only company in Kuwait that contains a refinery for recycling used oils and converting them from hazardous materials to environmentally friendly materials.

Supply Companies in Kuwait
  • Reducing the Use of Plastic and Eliminating Waste by Providing Food Products in Durable, Customised Packaging

    Internally, Mezzan reduced the use of small plastic bottles and encouraged its employees to switch to reusable bottles when the company implemented the ThinkGreen initiative. Mezzan prevented more than 46,000 plastic cups and 43,000 water bottles by installing water stations. Externally, we reduced cling wrap usage by 33% on the group’s food products, specifically our Khazan line. Additionally, our Aqua Gulf facilities regionally recycle all disused bottles and are independently working on a sustainable initiative in Kuwait and the surrounding region.

Retail Companies in Kuwait
  • Adopting Sustainable Energy Alternatives

    Top Online Sports Betting SitesIn 2019, Mezzan installed solar panels on the roof of our Umm Ramool location in the UAE as a part of our ThinkGreen initiative. The group took this step to reduce our overall energy consumption. Regionally, all our Mezzan facilities implement sustainable practices to reduce daily energy usage. Our offices, distribution, and manufacturing facilities have collectively and significantly reduced our carbon footprint.