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Mezzan Holding K.S.C.P. was founded in the 1940s and reincorporated in 1999 under the current holding structure with a paid-up capital of KWD 31.13 million. Today, Mezzan Holding’s operations span across the Gulf and other select Online Live Dealer Casinomarkets through 34 vertically integrated Online Live Dealer Casinooperating companies. Our legacy brands, including Al Wazzan, KITCO, and Khazan, coupled with our agency brands, have earned superior brand recognition, consumer loyalty, deep market penetration, and vast market reach.
Meals Catered Daily
Manufacturing Facilities


Group revenue increased by 4.1% driven by the growth in Mezzan’s Food Manufacturing & Distribution Division.
Global inflation had a significant impact on Mezzan profitability, reflected in increased costs and resulted in lower profit margins.
Mezzan successfully delivered on its commitments as the exclusive FIFA Food & Beverage Concessionaire for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Mezzan upgraded its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, operated by its subsidiary KSPICO, to bring state-of-the-art equipment, more efficient production processes, Online Live Dealer Casinoand enhanced quality control measures. The upgrade contributed to a significant increase in production capacity, which has had a positive impact on KSPICO’s revenue generation capabilities.
Total assets
Total revenue
Net profit
KWD Millions
Growth (CACR): +7.1%
Current Assets +6.7%
Non-Current Assets +7.6%
Non-Current Assets
Current Assets
KWD Millions
Growth (CAGR): +4.5%
KWD Millions
Growth (CAGR): -33.2%

Understanding Mezzan

Mezzan Holding is an integrated business with commercial operations in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale, and contract services. The company’s activities, which run through 34 subsidiaries, are grouped into two main business lines: Food Business Line and Healthcare & Consumer Business Line. Each business line directly contributes to Mezzan’s revenue and net profit. Below is an infographic of our business lines and divisions and their contribution to Mezzan Holding’s revenue based on Full Year 2022 audited earnings.

Food Business Line
best online betting sitesGenerating 68.6% of the company’s revenue, Mezzan’s Food Business Line operates through its Food Manufacturing and Distribution, Catering, and Services divisions.
Healthcare & Consumer Business Line
Generating 31.4% of the company’s revenue, Mezzan’s Healthcare & Consumer Business Line comprises FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, and Industrials.

Mezzan At A Glance

Food Business Line
Manufacturing & distribution
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +3.3%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +4.6%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +1.7%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): -3.3%
Healthcare & Consumer Business Line
Fmcg & healthcare
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +7.4%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): +8.3%
Revenue (KD Million)
Growth (CAGR): -0.2%