Mezzan Holding is one of the leading FMCG conglomerates in the Middle East. With a celebrated heritage of 75 years, we manufacture and distribute over 34,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in the consumer goods and services sector.

Our manufacturing unit produces a variety of products from the finest meats, salty snacks to water brands. Some of our flagship products include:

Kitco Distributing Companies in Kuwait

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Kuwait Indo Trading Co., popularly known as ‘KITCO’, was established in 1962. Growing and evolving with Kuwait over the past half a century, the name KITCO has become a household name synonymous with snacks among families.

The KITCO ‘Bunny’ is a recognized mascot who is loved by people across the Middle East. The brand’s recognition results from over 50 years of passion and dedication invested in providing the utmost quality snacks to families in the region. Our vision is to bring KITCO to every family across the Middle East. Best Betting Sites of 2024KITCO has a vast product portfolio ranging from natural potato chips known as ‘NICE’, gourmet chips known as Kettle Cooked, Bliss, Stix, and others. KITCO’s manufacturing footprint spans across the GCC. KITCO operates several facilities in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, and Qatar.

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Kitco Stix Distributing Company in Kuwait

Made with the finest hand-picked potatoes, fresh ingredients, and lots of flavours for everyone to enjoy, the KITCO product range includes:


There is a zest in every flavor of ‘NICE’. Crafted with the finest potatoes and seasonings, our product range is available in nine flavors: tomato ketchup, french cheese, lightly salted, chicken, salt & vinegar, paprika, hot & spicy, nice & spicy, and chili.

Kettle Cooked

Crafted to perfection to offer you an artisanal gourmet experience that leaves you craving for more, we have our gourmet chips brand known as ‘Kettle Cooked’. The chips are currently available in seven flavors: sea salt, sea salt & black pepper, cheese & chives, pesto, salt, cider vinegar, and wasabi. Kettle Cooked is MSG and GMO-free.

Bliss Distributing Company in Kuwait


Our all-natural potato Stix comes in a varied range of crunchy flavors with a bold, mouthwatering taste. The product range is currently available Best Sports Betting Sitesin 9 delicious flavors: grilled chicken, greek cheese, hot & spicy, lightly salted, paprika, red hot chili, salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion, and tomato ketchup.


‘Bliss’ is the vegetable chips range produced by KITCO and Mezzan’s latest addition to its growing portfolio. Made with the finest ingredients you love, Bliss is available as crunchy veggie straws, crispy hummus, hearty lentil, and wholesome quinoa in various gourmet flavors such as wasabi, lemon & black pepper, zaatar with creamy yogurt, and much more.

Khazan Distributor in Kuwait


‘Khazan’, produced by the Conserved Foodstuff Distributing Company, is one of the Middle East’s top producers and distributors of Halal food products. Today it is a household name in Kuwait and a brand that is homegrown for generations. 

Founded in 1961, Khazan provides a flavorful, healthy choice for chilled and frozen food products. With a reputation for setting and maintaining premium quality standards throughout the entire GCC, Khazan has gained a solid customer base from decades of trust in its quality, integrity, and consistency. Khazan developed this value by using only quality raw materials and spices that cater to the Middle East. The brand maintains a Online Live Dealer Casinostate-of-the-art processing facility that sets high standards for Islamic dietary requirements, hygiene, and quality assurance processes. Our current manufacturing facilities are located in Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar.

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Beverage Distributor in Uae

Sara Cake

Established in 1988, Gulf Pastries Manufacturing Company specializes in the production and distribution of an extensive range of bakery products, both fresh and frozen, under the leading and trusted ‘Sara Cake’ brand name.

Sara Cake products are made with only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors. The factory manufactures an extensive range of products, including swiss rolls, pound cakes, parathas, sambousas, puff pastries, croissants, cupcakes, rusks, sliced cakes, maamouls, and an assortment of bread and rolls. Our widespread distribution, marketing network, and presence in the region have consistently grown through heavy exporting to neighboring Arab countries and ever-growing product demand from overseas markets, including the USA and Europe. Sara Cake’s manufacturing facility is located in Kuwait.

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Food Products Supplier

Aqua Gulf

‘Aqua Gulf’ is a leading bottled water brand from Mezzan introduced into Kuwait’s market in 2003. best online betting sitesOriginated in Kuwait, Aqua Gulf is a brand produced under the highest international quality standards. The water goes through numerous steps of the purification process followed by rigid chemical and microbiological tests to ensure that only the purest water goes into each bottle. Aqua Gulf’s manufacturing facility is located in Kuwait.


‘DANA’ is a flagship water brand produced and distributed across Qatar’s market. We embody Mezzan’s spirit through this product and provide a safe and healthy drinking product to our consumers in Qatar. DANA’s manufacturing facility is located in Qatar.