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    Mezzan Holding Company is one of the largest diversified conglomerates in the Middle East. Together with its affiliated companies, Mezzan Holding is a leading vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor, and provider of food, beverage, and FMCG products and services. It has set new standards for production and delivery that satisfy both clients and end-users.

    Mezzan Holding Company represents a rich Kuwaiti legacy of strong principles, which founder Jassim Al Wazzan practiced and inspired in his sons and best online betting sitesemployees. With a portfolio of many of the Middle East’s most respected and recognized brands.

  • When was Mezzan Holding founded?

    Founded in 1945. Incorporated in 1999 as Mezzan Holding Company.

  • What are Mezzan Holding’s main geographical markets?

    Mezzan Operates in six countries through 34 subsidiaries and with over 8,800 employees. The central countries are Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  • What is the Company’s registered address?

    Al Ardiya, Block 1 , Building 287 P.O Box 124 Safat 13002 Kuwait.

  • Where can I get a copy of the latest financial results announced by Mezzan Holding?

  • What is Mezzan Holding’s dividend policy?

    Mezzan’s future dividend distribution to Shareholders depends on several factors, including profitability, liquidity, business environment, the availability of expansion, investment opportunities, and reserves available for distribution, plans for capital expenditures, and other cash needs. There can be no assurances made by Mezzan on the distribution of Shares, or the value in the event Best Sports Betting Sitesthat Mezzan distributes dividends. Subject to the above, Mezzan expects to distribute 45% to 55% of the net income of the Mezzan Holding Company in the form of cash dividends to all shareholders in the Company, after consideration by the Board of Directors on the factors mentioned above and cash requirements concerning operating expenses, including interest for the next year and capital expenditures and any other needs.

  • When are dividends paid?

    In accordance with Kuwaiti law, declaring the distribution of profits in respect of the preceding financial year will be recommended by the Board of Directors each year for decision or approval by the majority attending Shareholders, or representative of Shareholders, at the Annual General Assembly meeting, which must be held within three months following the end of the preceding fiscal year, that is the calendar year. Annual dividends are calculated and distributed in accordance with the Companies Law in the State of Kuwait.

  • What are Mezzan Holding’s principles and values?

    Mezzan Holding’s priciples and values and how we Online Live Dealer Casinointend to deliver on our mission, are outlined on our Principles & Values page.

  • When does Mezzan Holding report Earnings Results?

    In accordance with Kuwaiti Law, Mezzan Holding reports Annual Results within 90 days of year-end and within 45 days of the end of the quarter.

  • On which accounting standards are the consolidated financial statements of the GB Auto based?

    The consolidated financial statements of Mezzan Holding are prepared according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

  • Who is Mezzan’s independent auditor?

    Deloitte & Touche – Al Wazzan & Co. is the group’s auditors.

  • How many outstanding shares does Mezzan Holding have?

    Mezzan Holding’s outstanding shares are 311,325,000 shares after a 5% bonus.

  • How do I contact Mezzan Holding Investor Relations?

    We are always happy to hear from you. Our contact information is below:

    Mezzan Holding Investor Relations
    Shuwaikh Industrial Area – 3
    Block A, Street 176 – 173
    Post Box: 124, Safat 13002, Kuwait.
    Tel: +965 2228 6444 Ext. 6475
    Fax: +965 2483 6162
    Email: ir@mezzan.com

    Please note: Investor Relations contacts are concerned with investor inquiries only.